fav sandwich

produced for compilation zine Leftovers and Other Notes

Assembly Instructions:

Locate your favourite loaf of bread, bao, bagel, naan, paratha—your pick of delicious carbohydrate. Heat or toast the two halves/slices. Between them, arrange the following: chutney, avocado, kimchi, raw parsley, sunny-side up egg. Top off the stack with sriracha for oomph. Snicker at all avocado-toast-menu-items forever.

In the context of diaspora, I feel it’s not necessarily worthwhile to try seek authenticity in things, experiences, one another. I get the sense that a real way to grow closer to ourselves and our surroundings, alive and otherwise, is to look for the genuine. Carried by that thought, this is my go-to thing to eat when ingredients in my fridge align—a sandwich that blends some of my favourite ingredients and contrasting flavours.


About Leftovers and Other Notes
It’s a compilation zine featuring creators who participated in exhibition, House of Oriental: Northern Style curated by Natalie Mark, Samiya Karim and Yasmin Emery. The exhibition explored pan-Asian American household and commercial foods. These foods are developed from hybridity, alienation, assimilation, survival, and poverty. The aims of the curators were not to explore the most “authentic” or “real” Asian foods, but rather the foods and places that are born out of the land’s rich (or poor) newcomer history.


House of Oriental: Norther Style took place April 2019 at ocadU’s Learning Zone.