sailormoon redraw

Sailormoon Redraw personal gag gif for the Sailormoon Redraw challenge. jump to instagram for a version with amateur voice-acting by yours truly ;) digital, 1200 x 676px. 2020 Read More

our cultural amnesia about sexual assault

our cultural amnesia about sexual assault an illustration inspired by Alexandria Marzano-Leznevich's article for of the same name. The image depicts a figures carrying rocks that ignite momentarily, only to cool and return to stone, a visual parallel to how commitments to end sexual violence often vanish after a brief spark. gouache, graphite and… Read More

world’s greatest

World's Greatest we did it. an ode to a persevering team and the wildest start to the summer. two-colour risograph printed on 11" x 17" by Colour Code Printing and Publishing. 2019 to order t-shirts, please visit here. Read More