many ways to restart

Many ways to restart Meditating on how we can invite open interpretations of disruption to our lives and choose to live a personal narrative that's resilient and ripe for transformation. Part of OCAD U Zine Collective's 2020 - 2021 zine anthology, mailed to anyone with a Canadian address. Organized by Beige Blum and supported by… Read More
illustration, digital, broken, growth


broken an illustration prompted by the word, "broken." Defined as: "separated into parts [...]; in pieces; fractured [...] interrupted; incomplete; fragmentary [...] dissolved" by the World Book Dictionary, the state of being broken was visually approached as a necessary state for growth, as in the process of seed germination. digital illustration. 12″ x 8,″ 2020.… Read More
amnesia, graphite, fire, sexual assault, article, illustration, editorial

our cultural amnesia about sexual assault

our cultural amnesia about sexual assault an illustration inspired by Alexandria Marzano-Leznevich's article for of the same name. The image depicts a figures carrying rocks that ignite momentarily, only to cool and return to stone, a visual parallel to how commitments to end sexual violence often vanish after a brief spark. gouache, graphite and… Read More