wave to water

wave to water a zine study depicting the fleeting experiences of someone growing up with a friend and growing apart, who must ultimately try to come to terms with their friend's untimely passing. interior spread features a quotation from Thich Nacht Hahn. 4-page watercolour on paper, 9.5" x 15". 2023 Read More


burnout a comic-zine reflecting on the passage of time and seasons from the perspective of someone who is experiencing burnout, who feels as if all things are simply blending together in a frenzied fire.   pencil crayon on paper, 6″ x 7″. 2023 Read More
open spread of Shadow Jumpers comic showing Jackson's doctor explaining why EPP makes people sensitive to sunlight

Shadow Jumpers

Shadow Jumpers When the sun's shining, Jackson gets a lot of questions about the way he's dressed. It's not that he wants to be completely covered up, but there's really no choice when you have EPP. Though he often gets funny looks and questions from strangers that leave him feeling out of place, when a… Read More