wave to water

wave to water a zine study depicting the fleeting experiences of someone growing up with a friend and growing apart, who must ultimately try to come to terms with their friend's untimely passing. interior spread features a quotation from Thich Nacht Hahn. 4-page watercolour on paper, 9.5" x 15". 2023 Read More


burnout a comic-zine reflecting on the passage of time and seasons from the perspective of someone who is experiencing burnout, who feels as if all things are simply blending together in a frenzied fire.   pencil crayon on paper, 6″ x 7″. 2023 Read More

many ways to restart

Many ways to restart Meditating on how we can invite open interpretations of disruption to our lives and choose to live a personal narrative that's resilient and ripe for transformation. Part of OCAD U Zine Collective's 2020 - 2021 zine anthology, mailed to anyone with a Canadian address. Organized by Beige Blum and supported by… Read More
two copies of "do you have a cervix?" stacked on top of one another, showcasing the cover and an interior illustration of a cartoony cervix.

do you have a cervix?

do you have a cervix? a comic-zine inspired by the common fear of PAP tests, it strives to bring clarity to the importance of cervical exams, what to expect and how it's done, taken from personal experience and research. content should not be considered medical advice. folks are encouraged to speak with a trusted, licensed… Read More


Chun-Lee Chun-Lee is genuine and upbeat. he likes doing what he likes----play video games, rolling around, being kind to friends and just like that, day by day, he lives life to the fullest. black & white, single-page fold out zine. 8.5"x11". printed in 2019 ---------- updated in 2020 for canzine, digital only. Read More

three zero / 三 靈

three zero / 三 靈 what's so dirty about turning 30? it's not the aging, but facing expectations, disappointments and emerging to define  prosperity for yourself. three zero is dedicated to everyone who is looking for place, for purpose, for meaning and wondering if time can be wasted. black and white 30-page zine. 4.25" x… Read More

hello pizza

hello pizza a large slice is found on the ground. there's only one way to handle this surprise discovery... full colour 8-panel single page zine. 4.25" x 3.5". 2019 Read More

fav sandwich

fav sandwich produced for compilation zine Leftovers and Other Notes Assembly Instructions: Locate your favourite loaf of bread, bao, bagel, naan, paratha---your pick of delicious carbohydrate. Heat or toast the two halves/slices. Between them, arrange the following: chutney, avocado, kimchi, raw parsley, sunny-side up egg. Top off the stack with sriracha for oomph. Snicker at… Read More